Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to Pixit: Elevating Your Lost & Found Management

Ashley Markham
Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to Pixit: Elevating Your Lost & Found Management

Transitioning from Spreadsheets to Pixit: Enhancing Your Lost & Found Management

In the dynamic realm of service and hospitality, overseeing lost and found can pose logistical challenges. Although spreadsheets have traditionally served as the tool of choice, they are swiftly becoming obsolete. Introducing Pixit: a dedicated lost and found software designed to transform chaos into order. Below, we delve into why shifting to Pixit isn't just an upgrade; it's a transformative game-changer.

The Drawbacks of Spreadsheets

Historically, the lost & found process has been a manual & inefficient one, managed primarily with physical logs or spreadsheets. This approach, however, presents notable disadvantages, particularly in terms of limited functionality, security concerns, and process management.

Spreadsheets, being static, often result in cluttered and confusing records. They lack the dynamic capabilities offered by specialized software like Pixit, which can significantly streamline operations.

Sensitive information stored in spreadsheets is vulnerable to breaches. Furthermore, spreadsheets typically lack a transparent chain of custody for items, a crucial aspect for accountability. In terms of coordination between departments and customers, spreadsheets prove inadequate. Communication is disjointed, and the claims process is frequently sluggish and error-prone.

The Transformational Power of Pixit!

Traditionally, spreadsheets have dominated the lost and found scene. However, in a tech-driven world where efficiency boundaries are continually pushed, clinging to spreadsheets might mean opting for less than optimal results.

Streamlined Process with Pixit: From Complexity to Simplicity

Pixit turns complex, multi-step processes into seamless workflows. It automates the intake of lost items, provides real-time status updates, and efficiently matches lost items with their owners.

High traffic businesses, like airports & hotels, that have switched from spreadsheets to Pixit have reported up to 50% reduction in time spent managing the lost and found process. This translates to significant cost savings and improved customer service.

Pixit provides a dashboard that updates in real-time, ensuring that all team members are on the same page. This level of transparency and accessibility is simply unachievable with traditional spreadsheets. With Pixit, staff members are freed from the monotony of manual data entry, allowing them to focus on what really matters—serving their customers.

Ease of Use: Intuitive Pixit Interface

Pixit boasts a clean, intuitive interface that requires little to no training, meaning that anyone on your team can jump in and immediately start using it effectively. Also, the software comes with step-by-step guides that take users through the process of inputting, categorizing, and managing lost items, ensuring a smooth adoption.

Beyond the guides, Pixit offers training and responsive customer support to address any questions or challenges that may arise. Our extensive experience in the lost & found space allows the Pixit team to design on-boarding processes, which seamlessly integrate with your existing operations, negating the intimidation factor that often accompanies implementing new software.

Security and Chain of Custody with Pixit

Unlike spreadsheets, Pixit comes with robust security measures like custom access controls & detailed user tracking. Custom access controls ensure that sensitive information is securely housed and only accessible to authorized personnel. It also restricts unauthorized modifications to any records. Detailed user tracking ensures chain of custody is logged and maintained throughout the entire process.

Pixit maintains a clear, transparent and auditable chain of custody from when an item is found to when it is returned. Such traceability is critical for organizational integrity, maintaining customer trust, and compliance with privacy regulations.

Built-In Communication Tools in Pixit

Pixit's built-in communication capabilities allow staff to send messages and updates to one another, as well as to customers, all within the platform. This streamlining of communication increases efficiency and reduces the chances of vital information being lost or ignored, as can happen with email or phone-based systems.

The system can also be configured to send automated responses and alerts, keeping customers informed and engaged throughout the resolution process. Customer satisfaction scores consistently improve when organizations implement Pixit's automated communication features, as reflected in multiple case studies.

Standardization with Pixit: Logging and Claims Process

Pixit enforces standardized logging procedures across the board, minimizing errors and ensuring all team members follow best practices. This leads to streamlined entries, with all relevant information captured uniformly, making tracking and managing lost items easier.

The software also accelerates the claims process, allowing customers to quickly report and reclaim lost items without unnecessary paperwork or delays. Customer testimonials highlight the speed and efficiency of the Pixit claims process.


Shifting from spreadsheets to Pixit transcends a mere upgrade; it represents a strategic decision to optimize lost and found operations. Pixit's ability to streamline processes, ensure security, facilitate communication, and standardize procedures positions it as a comprehensive solution.

The advantages of transitioning to Pixit are evident: heightened efficiency, enhanced customer service, improved security, and a more organized and accountable system. Embracing this technology allows organizations to save time and resources while meeting the service expectations of today's customers.

If you're prepared to leave behind cumbersome spreadsheets and step into the future of lost and found management, Pixit is the solution to consider. It serves as a trusted partner, simplifying workflows and elevating the overall customer experience. Don't let outdated methods hinder your progress; upgrade to Pixit and experience the transformative difference today.

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