Let Your Lost and Found Department Shine

Maggie McKew
Property and Claims Management
Let Your Lost and Found Department Shine

Use Pixit to Organize Your Lost and Found Department

You can keep your lost and found department organized and serving your customer with Pixit’s Lost and Found Software. With our software, you take photos of items when they are turned in and add descriptions. The photos can then be added to the lost and found page which can be integrated to your website for customers to search and file claims 24/7.

Prohibited Items List

The website is extremely helpful to customers and your employees. When customers ask employees about the lost and found department, they can simply give them a link allowing them to easily search for their item and file a claim. The confidence employees will have with a defined process will show customers everyone is on the same page and working to help them.

If you work for an event, the website also helps decrease lines. Customers can simply visit the website instead of waiting in line to hear about their item. Shorter lines make happier customers and far fewer complaints.

A huge selling point for most companies is the huge decrease in phone calls and time spent working on lost and found our clients have seen. Say goodbye to frantic phone calls and voicemails. With our software, all communication can be done digitally. This keeps everything in one spot for easy reference and allows your employees to focus more on other departments.

Our Integrated Shipping Feature Makes Returns Easy

Perhaps the best feature for your employees is the easy return process our software allows. We know lost and found departments do not always have the most standard hours and customers are often visiting from out of town. Because of this, we made sure our software includes a simple shipping integration. With the shipping integration, simply choose the carrier, package size, and it will email your customer to complete a shipping form to have their item sent back to them at their expense. Once the form is complete, you will be notified and simply need to print the label from the dashboard. Once the label is printed, tracking information is sent to the customer. You are also able to order more shipping supplies easily from the software.

These improvements to your lost and found department benefit your employees as well as your customers. When things run smoothly, customers take note and it improves their experience. They know they are being taken care of. With a simple, easy process, your employees are confident in the information they are giving customers and do not need to run around to ask someone for help. Thus creating a pleasant experience for both your employees and customers.

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