Lost and Found While Social Distancing

Maggie McKew
Property and Claims Management
Lost and Found While Social Distancing

There is one thing for certain, these are unprecedented times. Everyone is doing everything possible to adapt and adjust. Some things need attention, you have to return lost items to their rightful owner. Here are some tips to maintain and run your lost and found while social distancing and keeping your staff and customers safe.

1. Bring Claims Online

Eliminate contact by having your customers file their lost item claims online. Not only does this save customers from having to come in or talk to your staff, but it also keeps your staff from having to use the same phones to talk to customers. They can even manage claims from home if need be.

2. Limit Contact with Items

Limit having to touch items as much as possible. Pixit’s digital inventory allows you to search through your items without having to dig through a lost and found bin. Items can be logged in a matter of seconds via our easy-to-use app, and automatically tracked through the system.

3. Item Return Shipment

Instead of having customers come in to pick up their item, utilize Pixit’s shipping integration. This feature allows you to easily send shipment information to customers, print labels, and send items back to their owners at no cost to your company.

4. Contactless Pickups

If you’d still like to offer item pickups, try doing a contactless exchange. You can use our chat feature to set up an exact time for a pickup. This way, you can do a curbside pickup or leave their item at the front desk so they can pick it up without having to make contact.

Lost and Found While Social Distancing With Pixit

These are just a few ways Pixit’s lost and found software can help you continue to provide great customer service while keeping your staff and customers safe. An easy, online process that benefits both you and your customer. Simplify your lost and found process, while keeping people safe? It’s a win-win.

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