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Whether you're a festival, an International Airport, a University, or the go-to coffee shop, Pixit has options and pricing to fit the needs of your business.

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Lost & Found

Improve the lost and found process for your venue with Pixit’s Lost and Found product. Log and track item inventory, communicate with customers, and easily return items with Pixit.

Work Order Management Pricing

Simplify your maintenance process with Pixit's Work Order Management Product. Allow staff to easily submit requests with a photo, track tasks, add due dates and priorities and communicate within work tickets.

Work Order Management

/ month
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  • Paid users have access to all features within the product.
  • Additional log only users can be added at no additional cost.
  • Log only users have the ability to log maintenance requests, helping them keep the maintenance team aware of new tasks.
  • Enterprise Plans Available: Schedule a call with a Pixit representative to discuss optimal implementation at larger companies or those requiring a more complex setup, such as needing multiple accounts.

Optional upgrade

/ month ongoing support
Choose Plan + Upgrade

Access to one hour of dedicated support time per month with the Pixit support team. 

Prohibited Items

Quickly and easily create prohibited items lists for your venue or event with Pixit’s prohibited items tool. Import Pixit’s prohibited item data lists to be sure you are including all necessary items on your lists. Easily distribute your lists to your staff and customers, and receive important updates on new security trends.

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