Temporary Property Management Made Simple

Deliver a better experience for your patrons and staff with the Pixit platform. Our image driven processes streamline and simplify your workflows.

Temporary property, claims, and management processes are often bogged down by forms, inefficiencies, and workflows that leave staff and patrons frustrated. Eliminate the irritation by switching to an image-first process with Pixit.

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Images Simplify the Process

Take a photo
Log it in the product
Easily manage your inventory
Log inventory quickly and easily using our app
Add relevant item information in a standardized, digital form
Our intuitive dashboard allows you to easily manage processes and deliver the best experience for your customers and staff

Connect People + Belongings

Claims Management Platform
  • Lost and Found Tracking and Returns
  • On-Site Security Management
  • Prohibited Item List Management and Distribution
  • Confiscated Item Tracking and Returns
  • Checked Item Tracking (i.e. coat check, stroller check, bag check)
  • Evidence Management and Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking and Management

Create Safety in Spaces

Prohibited Items
  • Easily create prohibited items lists for your venue or event based on data collected from security professionals.
  • Post your prohibited items lists to your website, social media, mobile app and more via our sharing integration
  • Get real time notifications and updates on new security trends

We provide a variety of service and support offerings for your venue or event

  • Onboarding
  • Outsourced Services
  • Custom Integration
  • Custom Solutions
  • Consulting
  • Compliance

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