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Images Simplify the Process

Take a photo
Log it in the product
Publish on to your website
Log tasks and inventory just by taking a photo. Use our app, or upload photos from your library.
Add details like descriptions, due dates, priorities, location, etc. Log it into the product so it can be properly tracked throughout the process.
The pictures speak for themselves, but through our product, you can communicate throughout the entire process.

Connect People + Belongings.

Property & Claims Management
  • Log and track inventory by taking pictures with our app
  • Customers can search and file claims from your website 24/7
  • Track item claims, communicate with customers, create reports, and coordinate item pickups and shipments all from our dashboard

Improve Facility Experience.

Work Order Management
  • Create work tickets by taking a photo on our app
  • Notify, communicate, and update team members on due dates and priorities
  • Defines and streamlines the maintenance process

Create Safety in Spaces.

Security Management

Updating prohibited items lists can be time-consuming. New items pop up daily and need to be added. It can feel impossible to keep up with. We want to take that stress off you, keep you up-to-date on the latest security trends, and keep you and your patrons safe.

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Our product includes features applicable to multiple areas of your process

  • Claim Management
  • Request Management
  • Track Inventory
  • Communications
  • Shipping
  • Reporting

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