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Pixit's Work Order Management Product uses images to streamline maintenance processes, decrease mistakes, and save time.

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Submit requests seamlessly
in 3 simple steps.

Take a photo of what needs attention
Add details of the issue
Submit task to your team
Using either the iOS, Android app or via web, you can take a photo of the maintenance problem and upload it onto our servers.
Add details and priorities to give your team the information they need to complete the task.
Notify team members of the new work ticket and start the process of getting things fixed.

Manage work tickets

Increase productivity

Industries currently using our Maintenance product

  • Property management: Residential & commercial
  • Tourist attractions
  • Schools
  • Restaurants/service industy
  • Manufacturing
  • Gyms
  • Hospitality/hotels
  • Fleet management
  • Facility management

1 plan, all in results

We have one plan for our Work Order Management Product that will cover all of your needs, and optional support upgrades are available.

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