Recurring Tasks & COVID Best Practices

Maggie McKew
Property and Claims Management
Recurring Tasks & COVID Best Practices

Pixit just released our newest maintenance platform feature, recurring tasks! You can learn more about this feature here. One reason we are excited about this new feature is because it can help keep businesses on top of COVID-related cleaning and best practices, thus keeping employees and customers safe.

COVID Cleaning Tasks

2020 has been a year of many adjustments. Businesses have had to rethink practices and adapt to new ways of operating. Staying on top of these changes is challenging but is very important, especially in regard to the health and safety of others.

Pixit’s recurring tasks feature will help businesses stay on top of these new procedures. The feature allows you to schedule tasks to recur daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. This way, your team can get reminders to their devices and emails to ensure important tasks are being completed.

These tasks could be reminders to wipe down high-touch points such as door handles and countertops or they can be used to alert managers that cleaning supplies need to be replenished, so you never run out.

Better Than A Spreadsheet

Using a spreadsheet leaves too much room for error. Will your staff remember to look at it? Will they sign off without actually completing the task? Too many what-ifs.

With our platform, your team will get notifications right on their phone or your company tablet or computer. The best part, they have to mark it as complete and can add proof in the form of a picture to verify the task was done. This way, nothing is slipping through the cracks and you always have proof of completion.

Go The Extra Mile

Using the CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting your facility, you can schedule tasks right from our platform and get your team on the right track. You can even communicate to your team and customers how you are using our platform and taking extra steps to ensure their safety. Show them how important their health and safety is to your company.

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