Recurring Maintenance Tasks and Calendar View

Maggie McKew
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Recurring Maintenance Tasks and Calendar View
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At Pixit, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our software by adding new features and listening to our client’s suggestions. We are happy to announce our newest features – recurring maintenance tasks and a calendar view for tasks!

Recurring Maintenance Tasks

The recurring maintenance task feature will help when a task is ongoing and needs continuous attention. By adding this task into our software, the team will receive notifications and reminders about it to be sure it does not get forgotten.

1. Create A Task

Create a new task by taking a picture, or uploading a picture from your camera roll. If you prefer not to have a picture, you don’t have to add one.

2. Add Details

Add details such as task description, location of task, assignee(s), and priority. Once that’s done, add a due date – the date you would first like to be notified that the task is due.

3. Add Recurrence

Next, choose how often you want the task to recur. You can set it to never recur, or recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. This will set the task to recur and notify assignees at these intervals.

4. Choose End Date

Using the scrolling menu, select a date for the recurring task to end. You can choose to have it recur for days, months, or even years.

Task Calendar View

The calendar view will help team members see when upcoming tasks are due more easily and help them plan accordingly. This will help teams stay organized and on top of what’s due and make sure to meet deadlines.

To see your tasks in a calendar view, hit the calendar icon at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the calendar view. Days with tasks due will be circled in blue. Tap on a specific date to see the task that is due, and click on the task to view details.

These updates to our maintenance software will help improve productivity and decrease tasks slipping through the cracks. These features will also help adjust to new procedures due to COVID-19, click here to read how recurring maintenance tasks can help keep your employees and customers safe.

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