Maintenance While Social Distancing

Maggie McKew
Work Order Management
Maintenance While Social Distancing

There is one thing for certain, these are unprecedented times. Everyone is doing everything possible to adapt and adjust. Some things continue to need attention and need to be maintained throughout this time. Is maintenance while social distancing possible? Yes! Here are some tips to continue your company’s day-to-day maintenance procedures while still encouraging social distancing.

1. Bring Maintenance Requests Online

Eliminate contact by having your employees or tenants submit maintenance requests online. By being able to use photos to log maintenance requests, you can eliminate the need to have the maintenance team interact with others and continue to social distance. The requester simply has to take a photo of the issue, add some details, and maintenance will automatically be notified.

2. Communicate Digitally

Limit having to discuss issues face-to-face as much as possible. Do this using email or Pixit’s communication features in our maintenance software. Easily chat within work tickets so you can see each project’s full communication history in one place.

3. Easily Manage Work Tickets and Due Dates

Things are hectic. This means projects or requests could get overlooked or mismanaged. Managing and keeping track of things is key. With our work ticket manager, you can set priorities and due dates to make sure important tasks are getting done.

4. Complete Tasks

Easily notify the entire team, management, and all other necessary parties that a task is complete. Ensure everyone is on the same page to keep your business running its best.

Pixit's Maintenance Software

These are just a few ways Pixit’s maintenance software can help your company stay on track while proving maintenance, while social distancing, is possible. An easy, online process to help your company and your staff. Now is a great time to make those improvements you have been trying to find the right time for, Pixit can help.

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